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Unlock the potential of AI with our unique gateway system. Manage, secure, meter, and optimize your AI models while gaining unparalleled control and visibility.

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About TraceParrot

TraceParrot revolutionizes your AI experience by providing powerful metering, security, management, and reporting tools for LLMs such as GPT and other Generative AI service APIs. We bridge the gap between you and a multitude of AI models, providing a seamless integration platform for effortless control and security.

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Seamless Integration

Connect to an array of AI services with unprecedented ease via our innovative gateway system. TraceParrot's unique interface simplifies integration across different AI models, providing a consistent API contract that eliminates the need for multiple direct connections. Switch between services effortlessly without changing your application code, saving you precious time and resources.

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Robust Security and Control

Elevate your AI usage security to a whole new level. TraceParrot allows you to create customized API keys and set precise service limits, drastically reducing the risk of misuse.

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Cost Management

Stay on-budget with our real-time cost analysis and reporting. Additionally, as AI models become more commoditized, TraceParrot enables you to direct requests to the most affordable service at any given time, maximizing resource utilization.

Harness the Power of Smart AI Usage!

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